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The Photfolio software allows you, the photographer, to bring your clients' portfolios to them directly and instantly, with almost no effort whatsoever.
Whenever you need to add a new private portfolio to your Photfolio site, you simply assign it a portfolio ID number and upload the images... without even having to resize and compress them first - Photfolio does all the hard work for you!  As soon as the images have been uploaded, create a login and password for this particular portfolio and let your client know the details... and within minutes they can be ordering their prints, canvas prints, framed prints and albums.
Your clients can even send a message to their friends and family from within their own Portfolio area which will include login details to allow the recipients to have full access and order more prints for themselves.
To avoid unwanted downloading, all images on display are automatically watermarked with your own logo or copyright notice.
Your Photfolio website will include...
  • Easy to use admin interface
  • Account security for each portfolio
  • Add your own example work quickly and easily
  • Instant credit card transaction for merchant account holders through ProtX
  • PayPal Pro payments